Boston store credit card application

Boston store credit card application

Signature Members Receive: (1-1,499 points)

  • Signature members earn one All-Day Shopping Pass for every 500 points earned.
  • Members can use their store credit card at all Bon-Ton, Bergner's, Boston Store, Carson's, Elder-Beerman, Herberger's, Detroit-area Parisian and Younkers department stores.
  • For every dollar spent, earn one Your Rewards point.
  • For every 500 points, earn a Your Rewards All-Day Shopping Pass.
  • Can save up to 20% on Boston Store's top brands, plus 15% off cosmetics & fragrance.* Plus, they'll receive these Signature Membership perks:
    • Birthday celebration offer
    • Exclusive cardholder savings
    • Up to two free standard shipping coupons per year
    • Advance notice of sales & events
  • Earn 1,500 points or more and achieve the highest level of customer benefits
  • For every dollar spent, members will earn one Your Rewards point
  • For every 500 points, you’ll earn a Your Rewards All-Day Shopping Pass
  • Elite members can save up to 20% on Boston Store's top brands, plus 15% off cosmetics & fragrance.* Plus, receive these Elite Membership perks:
    • Anniversary celebration offer
    • Birthday celebration offer
    • Exclusive cardholder savings
    • Up to three free standard shipping coupons per year
    • Advance notice of sales & events
    • An exclusive Elite Your Rewards credit card

My Bill Com – Bill Payment Information

Boston Store Credit Card Payment through Comenity Bank

Boston Store is a big department store, originally from wisconsin. It deals in clothing, footwear, jewelry, housewares and beauty products. Its parent company is Bon-Ton stores who acquired it in 2006.

The Boston Store credit card is offered by Comenity bank.

Payment of your bill can be done in several ways.

To pay online is a convenient way to pay your bill. There is no extra charge and it saves time. here is how you do it (we are adding some snapshots to help you with the process).

  • Navigate to:
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the sign in button
  • To register an account, click on the sign up button

To register, after clicking on the sign up button, follow these steps:

  • Enter your account details. If you know your Boston Credit card account number, click on yes.
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter your ID details. Forms of ID that can be used are: Social security number or social insurance number
  • Enter your zip code or postal code
  • Click on the continue button.

If you don’t know your Boston credit card account number on Comenity bank page, click on “No” on this page:

  • Enter your social security number or alternate ID
  • Enter your first initial and last name
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your zip code or postal code
  • Click on the continue button

Pay your Boston Store bill in person

You can pay by visiting any of our stores. In any of our locations you can also pay via cash among other methods. Locations of the stores can be found here on this Boston Store locator page.

This is done by contacting your bank and making the arrangements. You may also schedule future payments. It usually takes up to 2 days for the funds to be transferred from your bank account to your Boston credit card. So give it time for your payment to be carried out.

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- A mobile wallet that includes all of your LoveStyle and Your Rewards Reward Cards.

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- Получить последнюю информацию о вашем домашнем магазине, в том числе магазин часов, место, местные события и многое другое.

- штрих-код сканирования изделия в наших магазинах, чтобы получить купон право, ценообразование информацию, сведения о продукте, отзывы клиентов и расширенный размер + цвет информации.

- Заказ от нашего сайта? Проверьте отслеживание и в настоящем или прошлом информацию о заказе.

- Легкий доступ к вариантам оплаты, адресной книге и проверить свой баланс подарочной карты.

Boston Store Credit Account Application

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Comenity Bank issues your Boston Store Credit Card account. 1-855-567-7740 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788)

Your session is about to expire. If you would like to extend your session please choose "Continue Session" or click "End Session" to end your session.

The new app for your Boston Store Credit Card bill

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What are the options to view and pay my Boston Store Credit Card bill?

There are several options to pay your Boston Store Credit Card bills. You can either pay online at Boston Store Credit Card's website, or you can use Prism's mobile app to pay all your bills.

Can I check my Boston Store Credit Card bill from my mobile phone?

Yes, Boston Store Credit Card's website can be viewed from your phone. In addition to that, you can also use Prism to see not only your Boston Store Credit Card bill, but also all the rest of your monthly bills in one app.

How do I pay my Boston Store Credit Card bill online?

In order to pay online, you must create an account on the Boston Store Credit Card online website. Please visit Boston Store Credit Card's website for more details on how to register.

What forms of payment does Boston Store Credit Card accept?

Boston Store Credit Card accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Checking

Let us know how your Boston Store Credit Card bill paying experiences have been!

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