Consumers credit union reviews

Consumers credit union reviews

When preparing and filing FEDERAL TAX RETURNS, if you are unsure of your account number, please contact CCU to confirm your account information. ALL TAX REFUNDS MUST have correct name(s) and account number. If not, we are required to return the funds to the US Treasury.

Access your account, deposit checks, and even send and receive secure person-to-person payments via your iPhone or Android with Mobile Money app.

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When it comes to saving our planet and our financial futures, it's all happening at Consumer Credit Union. Come visit us and you'll discover easy and inventive ways to go green and save!

Credit Union members Enjoy Peace of Mind with Award-Winning Identity Protection…EZ Shield Fraud Protection.

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Covenant Health Credit Union now is part of the Consumer Credit Union family. That means that now you have even more locations at your service. Check them out for more information.

We offer exceptional interest rates and provide our members the personal attention you expect from a long-standing member of your community. Click here to fill out an application.

We will consistently have superior loan rates and superior certificate of deposit rates with lower fees. Pick up the phone and give us a call to check the latest loan and saving rates. You will be pleased with what you hear. We have major branch offices in Knoxville, Johnson City, Greeneville, Morristown, Mosheim and Jefferson City, Tennessee.

Here at CCU we are all about making sure you always receive VIP service. At CCU you are always #1.

In compliance with the U.S.A. Patriot Act, we are required to obtain and verify identification provided for all new account owners and joint owners, using methods permitted by law.

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Consumer Credit Union is a non-profit, cooperative savings and lending organization originally chartered by the Tennessee Secretary of State in February 1953.

Consumers Credit Union Review: Checking, Savings and CDs

  • Free Rewards Checking account holders must meet certain transaction requirements to earn the full 4.59% annual percentage yield.
  • It’s easy to be eligible for Consumers Credit Union membership, even if you don’t live near its Lake County, Illinois, headquarters.
  • Beyond the nine Chicago-area branches, members have access to a nationwide network of 1,800 shared branches and 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

Read on for more details about Consumers Credit Union’s checking and savings accounts, CDs, bank experience and fees.

It’s great when a financial institution offers a checking account that doesn’t have a monthly fee. But Consumers Credit Union goes a step further with its free checking account by offering an annual percentage yield. Users who meet certain requirements can earn an APY between 3.09% and 4.59% on balances of up to $20,000.

Members who complete at least 12 signature-based debit transactions each month, have a least one electronic deposit or payment, use online banking and sign up for e-statements earn 3.09% APY on balances of up to $10,000.

Those who sign up for a Consumers Credit Union Visa card and use it to spend $1,000 or more per month can earn 4.59% APY on checking balances of up to $20,000. And those who spend at least $500 on the Visa each month can earn 3.59% APY.

  • Doesn't charge ATM fees, and refunds those charged by other institutions.
  • Offers APYs from 3.09% to 4.59% if customers meet certain requirements.
    • Monthly spending, online access and account balance requirements to earn the promotional APY and be eligible for the ATM fee refund.

    All Consumers Credit Union members must open a share savings account to establish membership. This account has a deposit requirement of just $5, and it doesn’t charge a monthly fee. But it yields only 0.05% APY, a little below the national average. And you won’t want to make too many ATM withdrawals — after the sixth one within a month, each subsequent withdrawal costs $1.

    • Earns 0.05% APY, slightly less than the national average.
  • Charges $1 fee for each ATM withdrawal beyond six per month.
  • You need only $250 to open a share certificate, the credit union version of a CD. Consumers Credit Union’s certificate term lengths range from 91 days to five years, but the rates are nothing to write home about. APYs start at 0.05% for certificates with a three-month term and go up to 1.60% APY for certificates with a five-year term.

    The five-year APYs are in line with what other credit unions offer, but a three-year Consumers Credit Union share certificate earns less than half a percent.

    To compare, Connexus Credit Union, which is also headquartered in the Midwest, requires a minimum deposit of $500 for share certificates. But its three-year certificate, with a $5,000 minimum balance, earns 2% APY. You can use NerdWallet’s rates tool to compare CDs from different providers.

    • Earns average to below average rates.

    Consumers Credit Union’s branches are concentrated in the Chicago area, but it has a much larger reach. The credit union participates in a shared network of 1,800 branches across the country and a surcharge-free ATM network that’s 30,000 strong. Users can reach customer service by phone and web chat on weekdays during normal business hours and on Saturday mornings.

    Unlike some credit unions, it’s fairly easy to become a Consumers member. You’ll first need to join the Consumers Cooperative Association, an organization that supports educational initiatives in the Chicago area. That costs $5. Then you can apply for a Consumers Credit Union share savings account to establish membership.

    Consumers Credit Union charges overdraft fees of $30 per transaction. That’s a little less than the national median, but the costs add up if you have multiple overdrafts. And unlike some other banks and credit unions, Consumers CU won’t cap the number of overdraft fees charged per day. That’s not a good thing.

    To avoid the charges, you can link a Consumers savings account to your checking to provide overdraft protection, but there’s a $10 fee for each transfer.

    Margarette Burnette is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @margarette.

    Updated Oct. 12, 2017.

    NerdWallet’s overall ratings for banks and credit unions are weighted averages of several categories: checking, savings, certificates of deposit or credit union share certificates, customer experience and overdraft fees.

    Factors we consider, depending on the category, include rates and fees, ATM and branch access, account features and limits, user-facing technology, customer service and innovation.

    Ratings are rounded to the nearest half-star.


    See reviews about:

    Management is not so great, the manager had her favorites as to which she allows to do what they want & the director doesn’t do much at all. You get assign additional work from other departments everyday at the end of your work shift which is expected to be done before you leave. Once you’re done with all your follow up and additional work the manager expects you to stay & help the others who most of the time aren’t even trying to finish the work.

    Over all consumers credit union is a great place to work at in other departments but when it comes to the contact center it’s terrible, you don’t get paid enough for all the work you do and hours you work. This position is suitable for a single person with no kids or outside life who’s willing to work all day plus late hours which could be sometimes around 8 almost 9pm

    Consumers Credit Union (CCU) Reviews

    From Account Holders in the last year


    3 out of 5 stars

    2.5 out of 5 stars

    These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

    The most painful customer service!

    I've had the unfortunate experience of having this credit union carry my car note for the past 3 years and cannot wait to pay of the loan! Not only is it taking 20 minutes on average to get a human on the line to make a payment over the phone, but their online banking feature routinely denies access so you are forced to dial in to make a payment (either way there is a "convenience charge"). I am happy to say, I do the majority of my banking with large well known banks and was initially excited to use a credit union for my auto loan but having had to deal with this organization and their completely inept customer service team (which is all 3rd party and not actual Consumers Credit employee's) are terrible. I will NEVER use this credit union again.

    Was this review helpful?

    Consumers Credit Union is by far the worst I've ever experienced. I have had 2 loans with them (Car loan and personal). Not only were they ALWAYS late on sending me estatements but they were always incorrect. And rather than transferring money from 1 account to the other right away, it took over a week and then I was charged overdraft fees because they did not do their end. In 2016, I moved from MI to FL. I transferred my title and everything to FL of course. Anyway, in September 2016, I paid off my auto loan. I contacted cosumers and asked for them to send a release of the lein on my title and to send me information stating my loan has been paid. They told me they would send me information via email (Never got this) and regular mail. I moved from 1 side of FL to the other about 2 weeks after this call - still never recieved anything. I called the credit union and they told me they did not have my new mailing address on file so I gave it to them. (Still never recieved a thing). Anyway, I must have forgotten or what have you because the work I do keeps me very busy so it must have slipped my mind. Mid October 2017, I got a new car and traded in the car I paid off. Everything seemed to be okay until I got a call from the dealership stating Consumers never released my lein on the title. I contacted Consumers and guess what?! The person NEVER sent out the release or ANYTHING to myself or FL stating everything is okay. So here we are a year later, I dont have my title and now I'm ****ed. I call consumers on a monday, they reassure me that they will send out an eletronic notice to FL and also mail me a copy of the lein release. come thursday, the DMV does not have it because I go in there and they tell me Consumers made it a "Paper pending" which basically means I have to wait anywhere between a week and a month to get my title. the dealership at this point has already been waiting a week. So because Consumers did not do their job, I am stuck playing the waiting game. They were NOT HELPFUL by any means and the guy who handles the leins must've been to scared of getting yelled at because he refused to speak to me. Long story short: They are the worst. They mess your account up, they do not fill out paperwork correctly, they do not answer voicemails or emails, they do not double check the status of their members, they do not seem apologetic for being in competent and they seem to be more about themselves rather than the members. I wouldn't be so ****ed if they were at least sorry they screwed up but they didn't even seem to care. All they kept telling me is "oh, yea unfortunetly, theres nothing we can do to speed up the process". and I said "Okay, so what you're telling me is YOU guys didnt do YOUR job A YEAR AGO when my car was paid and I even contacted you to send the release. and now I have to wait because of your mess up? Just so you know, I will be filing multiple complaints against you ad you seem unprofessional and not willing to even take responsibility for your wrong doings. While we are at it, I am going to drain my checking account and you need to close is right now as I will never work with you again and my goal is to let everyone know how terrible your credit union is" and she told me "No, I completely understand. I would be quite upset too but it's just not anything we can do at this point. You're going to have to just be patient and when your title does come in, take it to the dealership."

    Long story short: There was a lot of back and forth and nothing seemed to be resolved. other than me waiting for the next 2 weeks for MY title that I paid OVER A YEAR AGO in which I should have recieved it already. Also, I did in fact drain my account with them :) If you're looking for a good credit union with staff that actually knows how to do their part, Consumers is not the place to go.

    Was this review helpful?

    An unexpected system error occurred.

    Horrible custmer support. I've been a member since 1993, so I have had quite a long relationship with the credit union. Over the past number of years, they have made it more challenging for me to do any online banking. Most recently on April 28, they (their vendor) did a system update. Since that time I have been locked out of my account. (two days short of a month of this writing) Multiple calls and promises of contacting the vendor have had no results. (they farm out the online banking) Not even the crredit union can access my account! It's going to be interesting when I close my account tomorrow, whether they can actually close it. Done with shoddy custmer support and moving my money elsewhere.

    Consumers Credit Union Ranking & Review

    Intro – Consumers Credit Union Reviews & Ranking

    AdvisoryHQ recently published its list and review of the top credit unions in Illinois, a list that included Consumers Credit Union.

    Below we have highlighted some of the many reasons Consumers Credit Union was selected as one of the best credit unions in Illinois.

    Consumers Credit Union is headquartered in Lake County, Illinois and has been serving member needs since 1930. This member-driven Illinois credit union offers full-service products, including checking, savings, debit and credit cards, loans, CDs, and mortgage products.

    Consumers is one of the largest credit unions in Illinois, with more than $930 million in assets and over 83,000 members. CCU offers membership to anyone regardless of where they live and work, which is unique from many of the other Illinois credit unions on this list.

    Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This Firm as One of This Year’s Top Credit Union Firms

    Upon completing our detailed review, Consumers Credit Union was included in AdvisoryHQ’s ranking of this year’s best credit unions based on the following factors.

    Consumers Credit Union Review: Free Rewards Checking

    Free Rewards Checking from CCU is an excellent opportunity for members to not only save money on fees but also actually earn money on their checking account balance. This interest-bearing account pays up to a 4.59% APY, which is one of the highest checking account interest rates you’ll find anywhere in the country.

    Additionally, the Free Rewards Checking account includes no ATM fees, and CCU will reimburse the account holder for all ATM and surcharge fees. It’s available nationwide and also comes with a convenient Visa Debit card, free mobile and online banking, and bill payment.

    Other perks of this account include free eDocuments, unlimited check writing, and qualified members can receive Overdraft Privilege.

    Consumers Credit Union Review: Home Loans

    There is an understanding at Consumers that buying a home is challenging but can also be rewarding. It offers a variety of home mortgage products and services with these concepts in mind. There is a team of expert mortgage professionals who can help buyers find the right loan for them.

    Some of the home loan options available from CCU include:

    • Conventional or jumbo home loans
    • Options to buy or refinance
    • Loans for primary, secondary or investment properties
    • Fixed or adjustable-rate loans

    You can also start the home loan application process online by visiting the CCU website.

    Consumers Credit Union Review: Mobile Wallet

    Mobile Wallet functionality is one of the most popular ways consumers make purchases in today’s modern, mobile-driven world. CCU, in an effort to be innovative and keep pace with changing technology, offers the very best payment experiences for members.

    You can take advantage of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay at participating merchants to make a purchase for anything.

    With Apple Pay, you can make digital payments without a card by using your mobile device. The same holds true for Samsung and Android Pay. In addition to being convenient, these mobile wallet options are also generally more secure than traditional methods of payment.

    Consumers Credit Union Review: Shared Branching

    Consumers Credit Union is part of a shared branching network, which means members can handle their banking and financial needs at thousands of nationwide service centers. Some of the things you can do at a shared branch include obtaining money orders, notary services, gift cards, stamps, and more.

    As part of this shared branch access, you can also take advantage of surcharge-free ATM usage.

    This level of convenience and accessibility is offered in conjunction with online options, such as eXpress pay, mobile check deposit, online banking, online bill pay, and the ability to receive eDocuments.

    In addition to reviewing the above Consumers Credit Union review, you can click on any of the links below to browse exclusive reviews of AdvisoryHQ’s top rated banking firms & credit unions:

    Reasonable efforts have been made to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info.

    Note: Firms and products, including the one(s) reviewed above, may be our affiliates. Click to view our advertiser disclosures.

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