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Credit monitoring will define identity theft as the acquisition of a person’s private information that is used for financial gain. Since credit history logs every last loan or credit card taken out in a person’s name, this is often the first indication that theft has occurred.

Report generation is done in a very organized manner so that you can quickly view lenders and all three reports side by side. All of this information allows you to easily monitor your credit and receive a true credit history that is thorough and complete.

All of this information is not just to ensure that your identity hasn’t been stolen, but the contact information and inquiries can help you pinpoint potential identity theft and allow you to remedy the problem quickly.

One of the biggest assets provided through Identity Monitor is the identity theft insurance provided. This will cover your expenses, up to the limit, for any losses that have occurred as a result of identity theft.

There is also lost wage coverage included that lasts up to four weeks with a maximum payment of $500 per week. If you want an accurate assessment of your credit score, you will need to pull a report that includes the standard FICO scoring of 300 – 850. If you want to have credit and identity monitoring, there is very minimal information required.

Once you fill out the basics, there will be 5 questions asked before a username and password can be created. After everything is complete, you will have full access to your credit report, scores, analyzer, insurance and specialists as well as a set of financial tools. For only $8.95 a month, it is almost impossible to pass up this monitoring program due to the immense features and reimbursement options offered. Identity theft is extra scary to me, as I live in a state with a very high incidence of this crime. But even if you don’t live in a state with a high identity theft rate, taking precautions is important. This totally makes me nervous and I’ve thought about it a lot actually – going to check them out! Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is dedicated to educating and empowering women in the area of personal finance.

Adrian Nazari, the CEO of Credit Sesame, explains why they are courting Target breach victims. This is a concerted effort to let those who would normally pay for identity theft protection know about the new free service they are offering. This also plays into their goal of differentiating themselves from their direct free credit score competitors like Credit Karma and Quizzle. Nazari wants all those who missed the target deadline to know they can still get free coverage. While this offer to Target customers is an obvious marketing ploy (they offer these services to anyone at any time regardless if they were a victim of this incident), it is a free alternative to buying the ID theft protection, which was the only option in the past. With offices in 1,000 cities and serving over 160 countries, Citi knows just what it means to have good credit. Identity Monitor is a new offering from Citi that provides the utmost in security so that your identity is never stolen.

Instead of pulling just one credit report to analyze, this monitoring program will pull all three credit bureau reports for an in-depth analysis of your credit history. For instance, your Citi credit card will have its own report with each credit bureau listed. This is very confusing at first, but it is meant for identity protection and analysis, not credit score accuracy.

However, the scores provided are very close to your FICO score and do give a good indication about your credit standing. The normal service comes at a cost of $8.95 and cancelling can only be done by calling the customer service number.

This information will include both financial and personal questions that only the person who is having their identity monitored should know. If you are series about protecting your identity, Citi has one of the best monitoring options on the market today.

In this digital age where SO much of our information is out there for everyone to see, monitoring what’s being done with your name is a smart thing to do. For the Target customers that wanted to take advantage of the free one-year service, they needed to request an activation code before April 13, 2014, then had to sign-up for the service before April 30, 2014. The Target victims who missed the free offer deadline would be prime candidates for companies like LifeLock, which require a monthly payment for this service, and Credit Sesame wants consumers to know that there is a free alternative that has no deadline, doesn’t have an expiration date, and there is no coupon code required. While their competitors offer similar free credit scores to their users, Credit Sesame is currently the only company that is offering a free identity theft protection option along with a no-cost credit score.

Like, what if your name suddenly appears on criminal reports…or a change of address has been submitted for you…or new accounts have been opened in your name?! With these deadlines now passed, Credit Sesame is hoping to convert the procrastinators to their newly launched free identity theft protection service. There are many things you can do to make identity theft much less likely that you should implement into your daily life.

With LifeLock, your credit is not only monitored, but all of those additional alerts are available as well.

The identity theft protection includes $50,000 in identity theft insurance at no cost, plus free access to identity restoration specialists who can help you walk through the steps needed to restore your identity if you do become an identity theft victim. Credit monitoring might alert you more quickly that ID theft has occurred, and ID theft insurance can help you navigate what needs to be done to restore your good credit, but neither of these will prevent it from happening in the first place. Thankfully, LifeLock is there to help ensure that all of your information is safe & secure. For this reason, you need to be proactive to reduce the chance of ID theft happening in the first place and not rely on these services, thinking that you are protected from it happening.

I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and love seeing those messages from them that my identity information remains unchanged & that no fraudulent activity has been found! So, if you’re looking to take your personal identity protection beyond just basic credit monitoring, be sure to look into LifeLock!

No, the score we provide to you is based on data from the three credit bureaus, via CreditXpert. Although certain economic conditions affect the flexibility of your credit score, CreditXpert provides a much more accurate assessment of your credit score than FICO because it’s based on data from the past two years. What credit monitoring services do you use?В Do they give you access to all three FICO scores?В Tell us about it in the comments area!

Choose The Identity Theft Protection That Does More.

Protect your name, assets, credit score and more with the right identity theft protection solution — Identity Guard ® .

Free 30-day trial, then only $17.99 per month (includes applicable taxes)

From the company that has protected more than 2 million Canadians

Criminals are working 24/7/365 to steal information they can use to open accounts in your name.

If the identity thieves are successful, they:

  • Can destroy your credit score
  • Impact your ability to get the best rates
  • Receive approvals for loans and credit cards
  • Take over your identity

Recovery is costly and can take years, so why take the risk? Identity Guard ® can help protect you from identity theft with fast alerts and knowledgeable recovery agents if you do become a victim. Enroll today and get a FREE 30-Day Trial.

Your Credit Score and Credit Report with 2-Bureau Credit Monitoring FREE for 30 Days!

  • 2-bureau credit monitoring with prompt alerts
  • Credit report & scores* updated quarterly
  • Detailed analysis showing what is affecting your score
  • Identity verification real-time** alerts
  • Mobile app — access your information at any time

Monitor Access innovative tools that can help stop fraud before it starts. When it comes to your personal information, offense is the best defense.

Protect In a connected world, you can’t always control where your information ends up. Real-time alerts give you the power to flag suspicious activity fast.

Recover If your identity is compromised, you need to take back control quickly. We can guide you every step of the way to help restore your good name.

Identity Theft Can Happen to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

More than 20,611 Canadians were identity theft victims in 2014, with a total reported dollar loss over $10 million.***

  • Using credit cards
  • Improperly disposing of personal documents
  • Using public WiFi
  • Divulging too much information on social media
  • Divulging too much information in public places

*Your credit score is presented by Intersections Inc. and is an Equifax Canada Inc. credit score. It is provided to help you better understand how lenders evaluate your credit report. It is not an endorsement or a determination of your qualification for a loan. Each lender has specific underwriting standards, so you should not assume that you will receive the same evaluation from each lender. As part of the underwriting process, lenders will incorporate additional information you provide and may obtain references. In addition, even if you are approved, the terms and conditions of loans may vary from lender to lender.

You may cancel your membership anytime simply by contacting us.

**Real-Time ID Verification Alerts network may not cover all transactions.

P.O. Box 3020, Postal Station D, Etobicoke, ON M9C 4V5. Intersections, Identity Guard, kID Sure, and associated designs are trademarks or federally registered trademarks of Intersections Inc.

©2018 Intersections Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Identity Guard® Credit Reporting Review

ConsumersAdvocate .org Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Excellent)

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Credit Karma has made waves in the financial industry by offering both free credit scores and free credit monitoring to its customers. At first, a lot of people were worried that Credit Karma is a scam. But, after an in-depth Credit Karma review, it seems that the company is legit. However, it is important to understand just what it is that they offer.

To understand whether Credit Karma scores are accurate, you first have to understand what credit scores are and where they come from.

First, a credit score is nothing more than a number calculated from information in a person’s credit report. The idea behind a credit score is to determine algorithmically how good of a credit risk someone is without actually have to read through the details of a lengthy credit report. The resulting number is only as good as the math that created it. The more statistically accurate the number is, the better the score is.

However, in the real world, there is really only one credit score that matters. Fair Issac was the first company to popularize the concept of a credit score. Over the years, it has demonstrated that its credit score algorithm is accurate enough statistically for financial investors to use it in determining risk. Since then, there have been other companies using other statistically models to generate their own credit scores. Most notably, the three major credit bureaus have all tried to push a credit score of their own, but without much success. When it comes to actual lending, the gold standard is the FICO score.

That leads to another type of mathematical attempt at creating a credit score. Since the only credit score anyone really cares about is their FICO score, that is the score that people want to know. Since that score is a proprietary product of the Fair Issac company, they are the only company than can calculate your actual FICO score.

However, the company was forced by Congress to provide a little bit of transparency into the process of calculating a score by providing some general information as to what a FICO is based on, and just as importantly, what it is not based on. Starting from there, numerous entities have tried to develop an algorithm for creating credit scores that generates a similar score to the official FICO score. Doing so requires reverse engineering the mathematics that go into the score. No one has exactly duplicated the score, but many alternate scores provide a close approximation.

Credit Karma does not provide a true FICO score. Doing so would be prohibitively expensive for a free offering, even with the revenue generated by advertising and referral fees.

How Accurate is Credit Karma Score

The Credit Karma score accuracy question comes down to how typical you are as a user of credit. If your credit profile is one with typical amount of debt, income, ratios, and payment history, your score will be pretty accurate. This type of credit profile has been reverse engineered more than any other and therefore the alternate algorithms are better at predicting this kind of score. If, on the other hand, your credit profile is unusual, your score may be significantly off.

For example, if you have a very short credit history, but very high income your score might not be very accurate. Likewise, people with a long, but atypical credit history might find their score way off.

Either way, the best use of any free online credit score is to track the MOVEMENT of your score over time. If your score is going up, then the chances are very good that your actual FICO score is doing the same. The reverse is also true. If you do something like open a new credit card, or cancel an old one, and your Credit Karma credit score goes down, you might want to consider reversing course.

How accurate is the Identity Guard TOTAL PROTECTION credit score compared to the credit score the bank uses?

Q: We are working on applying for a home loan, but need to get our scores up. How accurate is the Identity Guard TOTAL PROTECTION credit score compared to the ones the bank uses?

A: Identity Guard TOTAL PROTECTION® credit scores were very, very close to FICO credit scores in our (non-formal) testing among 8 different people. Identity Guard uses the CreditXpert brand of credit scores which we believe is a good approximation of what your FICO score might be. Banks typically use FICO brand credit scores, but this is not always the case. It is impossible to predict which credit scores your particular bank uses, but a good way to find out is to call and ask them.

If you’re working on improving your credit scores, Identity Guard includes a useful credit analyzer tool that lets you try out different financial actions to see how they might affect your credit score. For example, you can experiment with making loan payments, transferring balances and opening or closing credit accounts. The credit analyzer tool will take your existing credit score, factor in the change and simulate what your new credit score would be. This is a pretty nifty way to help determine which actions may help your credit score the most.

Right now Identity Guard is offering a free 30-day trial, during which you’ll get free 3-bureau credit scores, a free public records report and free Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite. Even if you cancel during the trial period, you’ll get to keep all these goodies free of charge, so it’s a great time to try Identity Guard out and see if you like it.

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