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Reviews For Key Bank Customer Service (2)

I needed assistance on a Saturday and was disappointed to see that there are no customer service hours on Saturdays.

Went to key bank the sign on the door says from 1:30 to 2:30 closed for lunch then they didn't open the doors tell 2:40 because the teller was still at lunch. I recommend never going to this bank let alone banking with them

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KeyCorp is one in all the national’s 30 largest banks with banking and different monetary services subsidiaries within the Northeast, the Northwest, as well as AK, and therefore the mountain chain states. On Wall Street, KeyCorp is usually referred to as the “Wal-Mart of banking” as a result of it serves several little cities and has cultivated a folksy image–similar to it of the mass businessperson Wal-Mart–by loaning principally to shoppers and little businesses. KeyCorp refers to itself as “America’s neighborhood bank.”

While different banks, like 1st interstate Bancorp and BankAmerica corporation., operate in many states, they are doing not, consistent with the Wall Street Journal, have the regional diversity of KeyCorp. These banks with interstate holdings square measure a lot of confined to specific components of the country, whereas KeyCorp’s holding span several regions. not like different banking leaders whose headquarters square measure situated in Manhattan, KeyCorp is headquartered in Albany, New York. The makeup of KeyCorp’s banking network is additionally terribly uncommon. Whole KeyCorp could be a coast-to-coast bank; its empire of over 800 banking offices is targeted within the nation’s northern tier, skipping over the Midwest entirely.

KeyCorp’s history dates back to 1825 once big apple Governor Clinton signed a bill chartering the banking company of Albany, KeyCorp’s direct root. In 1865, banking company was organized beneath the National Banking Act of 1864, and its name was modified to National banking company of Albany.

In which year Key Bank founded

Are you a freshman or thusphomore regarding, learning additional about career opportunities in banking? If so, we have a tendency to invite you to use for the KeyBank field Summit. The summit can broaden your understanding of the monetary services trade whereas providing an outline of Key’s culture, careers, trade workshops, and networking opportunities. The conference are going to be command at KeyBank’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio on March 30-31, 2017.

KeyBank has 1355 banking locations. Their company headquarters is listed as: 127 Public sq. in Cleveland Ohio. Below you may notice ratings, reviews, company data, directions, workplace hours, their signal, on-line banking web site, and branch locations.

KeyBank customer service reviews

Read the reviews below to see the experience other people have had when dealing with customer service from KeyBank.

I had a horrible experience today with two(2)customer service representatives at KeyBank. Two of the rudest people I have ever talked to over the phone while I was reaching out for help. Says my phone call was being recorded, I certainly hope so. Received a statement belonging to someone else but my address, called to ask them to please just see what happened with this statement. I don't want any of the information about this person or their account, just please look at name and tell me the bank screwed up addresses, and I don't want the persons address. First I spoke to a gentleman named Robert (no gentleman), I asked for a corporate representatives phone number, he told me there was no corporate, obviously, there is a corporate, it's on the internet. I asked Robert if I could speak with his supervisor, he contacted his supervisor Gretchen Powers, Gretchen, started our conversation with a concerned voice, then I tried to ask questions and she got where she wasn't listening to me just trying to talk over me and repeating herself. I asked Gretchen Powers for corporates phone number, she told me she was corporate. If this is how this bank handles concerned people, I would NEVER bank with them.

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Can someone plz send me a link in how to download an old billing statement..I need the bill cycle of when we had hurricane here in sarasota..I need to.

on 3/20 at 11:57AM FPL

Amelia Ohio New Never Had A Ruder Experience!! Molly Something Was So Loud And Very Rude To My Whole Family. Will Never Return Customer For 6 Yr.

I called the 800 number and followed your instructions for reaching a "live9quot; person and got to an operator immediately! Thanks for saving me.

on 10/14 at 8:31AM | Medco

Outstanding! I was getting nowhere fast on their listed number - Thank You!

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MICHIGAN -- I came to Key Bank when Brenda ** was the manager there. Brenda bent over backwards helping me set up a new business. She truly cared and it showed. She would actually call me to make sure an issue was resolved. She was a total delight to work with. Myron was a wonderful as well.

After that, the whole atmosphere of the bank changed. Joanne refused to help me in any way. I had two issues I needed help with and both times she handed me an 800 number and told me to handle it through them. After spending much time attempting to rectify the issues myself, I complained to corporate about her total lack of customer service, she must have been notified because she has made me pay ever since.

I inherited a substantial amount of money and one of your tellers (Alon) suggested I invest the money in a CD and quoted me a rate. I agreed and Tanisha started setting up the account. I called to finish the transaction and Joanne said "too bad, the interest rate you wanted expired yesterday and Tanisha is on vacation". After I called corporate, she called back and said she would honor the rate. I noticed another staff (Lisa) had picked up on her behavior as well and the few times I called, they would bounce me back and forth - keeping me on hold for ridiculous periods of time.

Last week I needed to send a wire transfer, I asked the price and Jill said $25.00. I was charged $30.00 and asked Tanisha about it. She said "Lisa make a mistake and I corrected her, however, I will not refund the $5.00 because you signed the wire transfer contract." Really?

I have never been treated like this before and am stunned that this seems to be acceptable by Key Bank. Alon will never receive credit for the $250,000 I would have invested with Key Bank had staff behaved in a competent manner. Alon has been a pleasure to work with. Key Bank lost an excellent customer that would have stayed with Key Bank for life had I been treated with respect. I hope their behavior was worth it for them, because it sure didn't benefit Key Bank.

WATERTOWN, NEW YORK -- Have banked with Key for about two years now. My husband went on deployment so I moved back to Georgia for nine months. I kept the account open to only find whenever I moved back up here late fees! Late fees for anything and everything. We work hard for our money but yet they charge us for everything! Make a deposit over the phone 2.00. Come cash your check with us 5.00. Don't make enough transactions each month 34.00. So I went into the bank to close my account yesterday.

The lady said I had a 34.00 overdraft free but yet I made a deposit into my account the day before? So she told me, "I wouldn't be able to close the account today due to pending activity on the account." She told me to come back tomorrow so what did I do? I went back in to only be told it would be 25.00 to close the account.

Are you freaking me. You want me to pay you because I'm unsatisfied with how poorly you run your business. My favorite part is when she asked me, "Is there a reason why you're closing your account?" Why yes ma'am let me just get my list out as to why! It also doesn't help that they closed the Key Bank on fort drum so now I have to go out of my way and drive 20 minutes from where I live to be treated like a nobody and to be talked to like a dog!! Key bank can kiss my ass. Worst bank ever - will never ever ever recommend this bank even if it was the only bank left on earth!

AURORA, COLORADO -- It's sad to read so many negative one star about Key Bank. Although my few days ago & today's interaction was about two fraudulent charge from my debit card. One for over $500 & another for over $300 at Nordstrom & J Crews.

The next day after above charges, when I went to get gas, my card was declined. After talking with their 800# customer service, they issued two dispute claim charges. Short time ago after Thanksgiving day just spoke with their dispute representative (800-539-2861).

After verifying my info., the guy on the phone said the above stolen money will be credited into my account in 2 hours. I had similar experience with them last year that somehow someone was able to access my account & the pin # to get cash out of my account. They credited my account in 48 hours. I never had any of my cards compromised with other banks & only with Key bank.

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have been told in the past that they did not need me to fill out a deposit slip, so I went through the drive thru window and put my deposit slip and my three checks in the tube. I waited a good 5 to 7 minutes before the nice girl came in and said that she would be right with me.

15 minutes past and the bank manager came to the window and said "How can I help you?" I said I just need to deposit those into my checking account and I've been waiting a very very long time! His reply was very rude, and he said "You must not have been waiting very long because you didn't even fill out the deposit slip!" These people are very rude and they're always short staffed!! Isn't the customer supposed to be treated with respect? Isn't the customer always right? Stop acting like you're doing as a service we are paying your paycheck!!

LONGMONT, COLORADO -- That star is for minus one, not plus one. I recently sold my RV. It took the bank almost two weeks to post the funds to my account. By the way, the buyer of the RV was also a Key Bank customer. (They closed their account after this also). I realize they have to verify funds, but with both accounts out of the same Branch, two weeks, really? It goes downhill after this. It takes Key Bank 2-3 MONTHS to process a title and get it to you. The little car dealer on the corner can do this in about 2-3 weeks. The DMV in Colorado gives you a temp for 45 days.

So, if you sell a vehicle that Key Bank holds the title on, figure up to 3 months to get the title to the buyer. The buyer of my RV would have backed out of the deal if he hadn't been a customer of Key Bank also. When you call customer service, if you can understand the person, they tell that is just the way it is. Talk to a supervisor. Wasting your time, because that's just the way it is. It took about 3 hours to approve the loan, print out the paperwork and sign. Seems that if they are starting to collect your money all the work seems to be really easy, and quick. RUN FORREST, RUN. Called a lending institution for a reason.

UTAH -- I have just been on the phone for over an hour requesting to close my account. Apparently they have to send the request to another department to get your account closed. And another department to waive fees. I was denied the opportunity to speak to a supervisor twice, I was put on hold 11 times (yes, 11!) and still have to call back in two days to make sure it is closed. The kicker is, I went through this whole process two weeks ago! I would bet anything that I will assess a late fee for a zero balance in the meantime, DO NOT use this bank! They are horrible!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Back in 8/15/2016, First Niagara Bank which is now Key Bank took money out of my account unauthorized. Me and another person who has the exact name was mixed up somehow. This person has a loan with this company. So when I finally caught or seen what was taken out of my account I called them. I spoke to about 6 people in a period of 2 weeks, customer service rep, ACA department, manager. You name it!

I even gave them a tracer number. And they basically admit it was a misapply to my account and it's not me. There is another person with the same name. Our social security number don't match by far. And they still refuse to give me my 300.00 back. So it seem that I'm going to have to sue them for my money. If there is anyone who may be of some help with this please email me.

I've been a Key Bank "customer" most of my adult life. Truth be told, the account I had there was not my primary checking account, but rather my extra account I used for specific purchases related to my job. While making one such purchase one night, I checked my last statement to see what my balance was. I don't use the account very often, so that was a normal practice.

To my surprise, I noticed that there was a $2.00 fee taken from account for sending me a Paper Statement in the mail. EXCUSE ME? Two dollars to send me a piece of paper in the mail? I don't think so. I started going through my previous statements, and sure enough there were fees going all the way back to September, in all about 12 or 14 dollars worth.

The next morning, I took the statement to the local branch, wanting answers and a solution. I was calm and collected, but inside I was fuming. The teller couldn't help me, so I had to wait for the manager. for an hour. I explained my frustration when I was finally acknowledged. My frustration and dissatisfaction was met with "Well sir, it is Key Bank's policy that customers are responsible for looking at their statements. They ARE providing you with a service after all. That service costs money, and like it or not sir, all banks are instituting these fees."

Jerry Springer was talking me down in my head. Remaining as calm as I could, I cracked a smile and politely said, "You've got to be kidding me. Ma'am, that's ridiculous. I signed up for a free checking account for a reason. I understand that it's not you, at this level (the branch), and that this decision comes from the top of the company, but where's the loyalty? It's not the amount of money, it's the principle of the situation. I'd appreciate you refunding my money and cashing out my account."

She replied with "Since you're closing your account, I'm not authorized to refund you more than one fee. If you were to choose our online option and keep the account open, I could refund all of them." "Nope. No thank you. Give me my money and close the account." By this time I was starting to become visibly perturbed. Her keen senses picking up on this, she said, "Well, I can manually credit up to 60 days worth of fees, so I can give you an extra 2.00 fee back." "Whatever. Just get it done."

As she was running the transaction, she messed something up with the computer, to my advantage, giving me another extra 2.00 back, but forcing me to digitally sign for money twice. Her response to this was "hey, at least there's no paper or ink to keep track of." I was so put off that all I could do was chuckle. I said "Yep, and now you understand why I didn't want to rely solely on your online option. Thanks a lot."

After doing some research around my local area, I found that the local credit union doesn't charge people for any of that stuff. No hidden fees, no minimum checking balance and absolutely no plans to do so at any point in the future. All I have to do is use the account once a year and keep at least five dollars in a connected savings account. No problem. Moral of the story: Banks suck. Go local. Use your credit union.

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Every week there were new forms to be signed and new documents to be provided - new hoops to jump through. They provide a website to track the status of your loan - what documents you still need to get to them and what they still need to do before you can close. I applied for the loan 7 weeks prior to the date I wanted to close. I provided all requested documents promptly. Four weeks after I had first applied and three weeks before I was supposed to close I called to inquire about the numerous red flags still showing up on the website. Many of these flags were items I had provided weeks ago; others didn't make any sense; still others they had never even asked for.

The agent in their mortgage "service" center assured me that that would all get taken care of soon. The loan should come out of processing any day now and when that happened the flags would all get cleared up. He seemed quite irritated that I had even called to ask. Two days before I was supposed to close I called him because I still didn't have final numbers. He said it should be done "today". One day before closing he called me to request yet another document and - in passing - mentioned a "small" issue with the homeowner's association. But, still it should be done "today".

3 hours after I was supposed to close the local mortgage specialist called me to tell me that there was an issue with the HOA and they needed a letter that the HOA was not providing to them. Both she and the agent in their central mortgage service center were actively hostile when I put the blame on Key for the loan not closing on time - they had had 7+ weeks to get it done. Both blamed the HOA, my Realtor, and the seller's Realtor for the delays.

I was especially upset at their refusal to take any of the blame because every time I spoke with them I was assured that everything was fine and they always made it clear that I shouldn't have been bothering them with these concerns - the loan would close on time.

The issue with the HOA that was revealed 3 hours after the closing should have happened was with the delinquency rate on HOA fees; it required an exception through Fannie Mae to get the loan approved and that would cost me $200. In addition to costing an extra $200, it was also going to take at least a week to get the exception. I was very upset about this because every time I asked about the status of the loan I was assured everything was on track - right until the closing time came and went without closing! She informed me that I didn't have to go for the exception; of course if I didn't the loan was declined.

In my mind that's really not a choice. Just like when your computer crashes and says I've lost your data, press OK. No, it's not OK, but I don't have any other choice!! She refused to acknowledge that the "choice" she was giving me was really no choice at all. The only good thing I have to say about Key comes here - the exception got approved very quickly. They turned it around in less than 1 business day! But, from what I've seen of their business practices at the last possible moment is the only way they do things so I guess they've gotten quite good at it!

I could go on and on and list the numerous other things that they got wrong throughout the process, but I hope by now I've convinced you to take your business elsewhere. Their fees were lower than other lenders, but you get what you pay for. And many of the fees they advertised at the start of the process ended up being much higher in the end (those are the numerous other things I could go on and on about; suffice it to say the "surprises" added up to about $700 in extra fees by the end). I'll never get another mortgage through them; not even if they paid me!

TAYLORSVILLE, UTAH -- Big Bank Vs the Little People. Alright here's the scenario. You live a modest life and generally budget yourself paycheck to paycheck. This isn'€™t because you choose to be this way but your current financial situation demands it. So there you are, it's the end of the month and once again time to pay the bills. Now have you ever seen the cartoon of the poor family that puts all their bills on little pieces of paper and put them in a hat? Well in the cartoon drawing the parents allow the kids to draw from the hat to see what bills get paid and in what order that month.

I used to not get the joke either, but seeing as I am still very early in my career and paying the penalties of past poverties, I truly understand that cartoon now. Anyway back to the point, there you are balancing your checkbook and deciding what bills to pay with what you have. The obvious and most immediate bill that must be paid is your rent or mortgage. So simple enough you write a check for $492.00 to pay your rent.

OK fine that's over with. Now you read the threatening letters and realize you are a month behind on your insurance. The letter reads "Pay now to avoid cancellation"€. Now that'€™s fine and dandy but since you are behind a month the insurance company insists you pay the full amount due of $330.00.

Wow, now you have a problem because you have exactly $137.34 left over, which would have covered your insurance just fine normally but again you must pay 2 months to stay insured. So what to do? Well previous experience has taught you that your rent check clears within 1-4 days. So you wait a few days and then mail out a check for the $330.00 and cross your fingers.

The hope is that the bank clears the check and nails you with an already high overdraft fee of $36.50. A few days later your roommate calls you to tell you that the rent check hit and went through just fine. Just to be sure you look online at your online statement. And read what'€™s below. I have even copied the statement information as best as I can without a column format. The statement reads.

11/10/2008. Check. Check#218. $492.00. $137.34

Perfect, the rents clear, no problem right? OK, so later that day your insurance hits. So what happens? Well again here is a cut copy of the way that looks on your statement.

11/10/2008. Serv Charge..Tier3 Overdraft Item Charge. $36.50. $-229.16

11/10/2008. Check. Check #184. $330.00. $-192.66

11/10/2008. Check. Check #218. $492.00. $137.66

Alright, perfect, things worked out. And you get paid again in a few days so that negative 229.16 won't be a problem. You'€™re OK this month. All that ramen eating and careful budgeting of your gas has paid off! Well maybe not..

One week later you come home late from work to find a "3 days to pay or vacate" notice. "Wait a minute! WHAT? I know my rent check went through. I better double checked to be sure." You think in your head about the math and what your statement read. (629.34- 492.00= 137.34) Yup I remember. There must be mistake right? So what do you do? Well you go back to the source right? So you log in online and look at your statement. It still says the same things as above, but there'€™s more. Here'€™s another cut copy of this very same statement.

11/12/2008..Serv Chg. RETURN CHG: CHK 218 AMT 492.00. 36.50. 519.84

11/12/2008..Serv Chg. RETURN CHG: CHK 184 AMT 330.00. 36.50. 556.34

11/12/2008..Reversal. REVERSE CHECK. 330.00. 592.84

11/12/2008..Reversal. REVERSE CHECK. 492.00. 262.84

11/10/2008..Serv Chg..TIER 3 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE..36.50. -229.16

11/10/2008..Check. CHECK # 184. 330.00. -192.66

11/10/2008..Check. CHECK # 218. 492.00. 137.34

OK now are you as confused as I am? Yeah you read it right. The bank bounced both checks. Now how can they do that? AHH WELCOME TO KEY BANK!

Now, for some more math. The apartment complex has assessed some late fees and penalties that you must pay 45.00 dollars for non-sufficient funds, 50.00 dollar late fee and since it's now the 7th 5.00 dollars a day fee since the 5th ($60.00). Totaling =155.00 dollars. Now the bank also has to have their piece of this. 36.50 For each check overdraft fee as they call it and 36.50 for return check fee as the call it. Yes, you heard me correct. Key bank not only bounces you when you do have money but charges you for overdraft and return. The terms themselves contradict. I mean which is it? Did you overdraft me or return my check?

Alright so let's assess the damage. 155.00 (for the apartment) + 140.00 (for the bank 36.50*4) total= 295.00 dollars in fees. Grand total for rent in November = 787.00 Oh and don't forget to pay within 3 days or be thrown out. Not to mention your insurance company is a whole other problem. Now I will admit fault in being short on my insurance, I took a chance and figured I would face the consequence with progressive. Never did I imaging this though. It makes no sense whatsoever. WHY? HOW? HUH? WTF?

So I made some phone calls. This is not the first time I have been screwed by Key Bank and this was not going to taken lightly. So I call 1-800-Key-2-You and spoke with a very pleasant woman named **. She looked over my account for a few minutes and then of course I had to ask "€œHow?€ How did this happen?" I half expected a standard crazy answer about how the tellers have a completely different view of my account and on her screen it makes absolute sense.

(Believe it or not this is the traditional answer and true even. What you see on your online statement is not reality! The tellers have an entirely different order to the way checks or debits come out of your account, thus explaining the reason why I got fees for nothing some time ago according to my online statement anyway.. Total ** but anyway) To my surprise she put me on hold to get her supervisor to explain this one to her. She even had the supervisors'€™ supervisor look at it, just to be sure. So would you like to hear the brilliant KEY Bank response to my dilemma? "€œWe have no idea how."€ Which of course brings you to another question.. "HUH?"€

So okay, fair enough. The bank made a mistake. Again! (Did I mention that if you put Cash in a Key Bank ATM after 3 pm on Friday and try to spend anything more than 100.00 dollars on Monday night after 9 pm you will be charged severely! Yep, you heard me right Key Bank takes 4 days to clear cash. And don't be fooled by your ATM receipt that says you have the funds available. That's how they getcha!) So where was I? Oh yeah the mistake. So the Bank call center headquarters out of Washington admits they have no idea how this happened.

"Apparently the branch where you opened your account reserves the right to refuse payment to any check they deem necessary. And the Taylorsville branch apparently has a blind check approval agent, cause other than that, not even the call center office can explain the error." They even explained to me that the bank actually did clear these checks and the branch reversed them. Which explains why your online statement when you click on the check description says the following about both checks. (Notice the part where it says date check cleared? Umm HUH?)


Check Number. 218

Check Amount. $492.00

Date Check Cleared. 11/10/2008


Check Number. 184

Check Amount. $330.00

Date Check Cleared. 11/10/2008

So what's the result of that call? "Well Since the call center that is created for solving problems with your account cannot do exactly that. You are going to have to wait." **, being the pro-motivated person she is, calls your branch and your apartment for you the next day. Cross your fingers, cause this going to go nowhere. The next day you get a call from **, who seems a bit frustrated. Apparently your branch has basically told her to butt out and pack sand in her **.

They inform her that the branch certainly made no such mistake and will look into it, but even ** knows that means she will do nothing of the sort. (Some customer oriented service huh?) And for all the fees. well you'€™re told you will need to probably sue the bank to see those again.

So what can you do now? To be honest I have to give the same answer ** first gave me. "I have no idea." But I feel something needs to be said. Of course I have set up a Credit Union Account where hopefully I never run into this again.

BTW their overdraft fee is 18.00 and it only is charged once. I asked.. And yes I called the Key Bank Executive Client Requisition office to report some of my many problems with Key Bank. But what else? Well that is why I am writing this letter. Hopefully to warn off those thinking about joining a new Bank. I warn you. Learn from my mistake. And if my words are not enough then listen to some of the hundreds of others with similar problems. Listed on this website. Best of luck, Another Rape Victim of Key Bank

Key Bank Usa - Terrible Customer Service

My debit card had been lost and that's totally on me.I can't blame them for that.

So, as they advise you do and as any sane person would do, I called them to cancel the card and order a new one. Okay, easy enough. They then ask if I would like to rush ship it, an act that comes with a $25 fee. I decline and am given regular shipping, taking 5-7 business days.

Not that much different, right? I'm not impatient, I can wait. So I wait 7 business days since, let's be real, that's most likely when I would get it. So 7 business days go by.

Nothing. I call to check and they say it would probably come soon. They then say they can reorder a card, but how it would be a shame if the card arrived and it's already deactivated since they'd reordered one. They ask if I want to wait and I say sure.

Maybe weather or something slowed it down. 8 days. 9 days. 10 days.

I call back and ask where it is. They ask if I ordered rush or regular. I say regular. "Oh, we don't track those kinds of card.

You'll need to reorder since it's out of its shipping date." Now I understand losing the card is on me. My bad, but wouldn't one think that maybe Keybank, a bank that encourages customers to join and assures them that if anything bad happens to their card or account, that everything would be taken care of and they don't need to worry? So here I am with no debit card which is required to pay my bills half a month after losing a card? (I was counting business days, previously.

I lost the card and reordered one the same day, two weeks ago.) In addition to this incident keybank has been known to shut my card off for unpredictable reasons. Not someone stealing my identity or misuse. Just because they will randomly send new ones with new "security features" which end up making my card more vulnerable. (I switched to a new chip card and had my info stolen a little later.

How I found out: I went to order food and my card had been declined. I called to ask what was going on and they said "Your card was used to purchase yadda yadda. We sent you a new one." I asked why they hadn't called me to let me know so I didn't put myself in a position where I would need it.

"That's not our policy." If you're looking at banks, stay away from Key.Thank you Keybank for encouraging me to join a more functional bank.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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