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Walmart Credit Card | Login and Payment

What is a Walmart credit card?

Walmart (Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) is an American retail company that has the chain of hypermarkets and stores all over the world. It was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas, US. The headquarter is situated there too.

Walmart is famous by its loyalty to the customers. We offer the biggest choice of the goods and the lowest prices. You may find everything in our stores saving not only the time but money too. We offer a lot of services for our customers. And here we will talk about the Walmart credit cards.

Walmart Credit Card login page

Walmart credit card login page: link

The Walmart credit cards work like the other cards. The principle of operation is the same. You have the credit balance and line which you can use for shopping and the other payments.

The first and the main question is “How to get it?”

Every customer may receive the Walmart credit card. In case if there is everything is correct with the credit history. The scheme is enough simple: you need to apply and to be approved.

Step 1. Apply for getting the card. You may do it:

  • In every Walmart-store personally. The easiest way, especially for those who visit our stores very often.
  • online at You will get the application form, the website interface is enough easy.

Step 2. Make any purchase the same day and open the account. It doesn’t include the cash advances, gas purchases, gift card sales.

Important: For those applicants who did not receive a credit decision the same day they applied we will give a 15% certificate in the credit card package. But only if the application is approved later and not in time.

If you applied in-store, the certificate must be scanned at time of checkout. The purchase must be done in the store you applied in.

walmart credit card login

If you applied online, make any online-shop.

Pay attention that your credit account will appear only during 1-2 billing periods.

The offer is valid only for new accounts.

There are 2 types of Walmart credit cards:

  1. Store-card – you may use it only in the Walmart-stores and partners;
  2. Walmart Discover – is a full-optioned card that you can use everywhere.

Walmart Credit Card how to get approved

  • 5 cent saving per gallon at US Walmart gas stations;
  • No annual fee – will also help you to save money;
  • Protection from the fraud;
  • 1% cashback for all purchases – is spread only for the Walmart Discover Credit Card.

There are also a lot of different discounts at the different time. For example: open our card and save 15% (up to 50$). Or save 3% on online purchases, 2% at Walmart Gas, 1% at other stores where Walmart Cards are accepted. Find more on our official site.

Remember that possibility of getting the cards depends on the pay-ability and credit history. Visit us and your chances will increase.

Check your walmart money card balance on your login page.

For using the Walmart Credit Card Payment and Login you must create an account on It’s on the highest right corner. After this you will be able to use you login, view the statements and manage the account.

Walmart Coupons

Important: pay attention to “pay my bill” link. Surely you will find it useful.

There are 2 basic ways to pay for credit card:

  • By cash, debit card, or Walmart money card in-store;
  • Online.
  • By phone. The Walmart credit card phone number is 1-877-294-7880. The number 1-866-611-1148 is for the Walmart Discover Card. We have already explained the difference between them.
  • By mail – Walmart, PO BOX 530927, Atlanta, GA 30353 0927. Please send your bills and checks before 5 business days.
  • The Walmart Credit Card Customer Service number is 877-294-7880.

Walmart is happy to offer the special mobile app. The progress doesn’t stop, everyone has a smart phone every day.

walmart credit card app

This app will help the customer to:

  • Make the purchases;
  • Find any location of the store;
  • Keep prises;
  • Save money;
  • Work with a Login.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPad or Samsung on Android. It works on all devices with:

Walmart Credit Card Payment Online – A Beginner’s Guide

Posted by: Summer January 13, 2015 in Credit Cards

Walmart is known for being a friendly neighborhood store that features a great selection of a range of products. With its prompt service, quality products, and low prices, Walmart has become the hot favorite

of many shoppers. And as came into existence, it soon gave the best shopping experience to loyal Walmart customers with easy Walmart credit card payment online.

Founded in the year 2000, has access to a vast pool of technical talent and Internet executives. eCommerce is a stable and robust structure that provides products to hundreds of customers every day, with more than 1,000,000 products available online.

Once you’re ready to make a purchase using, you can apply for the Walmart credit card and make payments easily. With this special card, Walmart credit card payment online becomes simple and handy.

Creating an account and registering your card

  • Visit the Walmat credit card registration portal here – Www.Walmart.Com/Credit and you’ll see the links to read more about their schemes along with an applying link. They may also be offering discount schemes for new buyers.
  • Click on Apply now. If you already have an account, you can click on Access Account.

  • You’ll be taken to a credit card form. If you have already signed up for, you just need to enter your email and password. However, since you are visiting this page the first time, click on Create Account and Apply.

  • You’ll be taken to an account creation page, where you’ll need to sign up for a Www.Walmart.Com/Credit account. Enter your first name, last name, email address, zip code, and select a password for this account. Your password must be at least 12 characters long. Once all the details are entered, click on Continue.

  • You will be taken to a more detailed form where you’ll have to enter your billing information. Enter your name, address, phone number, and email address.

  • In the next section, enter your billing preference like delivery date and language.
  • Once you enter all the information, click on I agree to the terms section, and then click on Accept and Submit.
  • The system will take you to another page.

  • The next page will tell you that they have accepted your form and will get back to you within a week if you’re accepted.

And that’s it. Once you’re accepted for the card, you can start shopping online. Simply add items to your cart, and when you proceed to checkout, just select your card from the payment options, and the payment will be made. It’s that simple!

Walmart credit card comes in two types – Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard. While the former can typically be used at a Walmart store, the latter can virtually be used anywhere a MasterCard is accepted.

Applying and getting approved for either of the card online via can earn you an introductory $25 (on minimum purchase of $75) and several other benefits. Note that the introductory offer is subject to change and is not without conditions.

Do you really need a Walmart Credit Card?

A store credit card is usually criticized for high APRs and rates, low credit limit, and limited usability. There are hundreds of retail store brands out there and you can’t have a credit card for each of these. Besides, a general-purpose credit card issued by a bank can be a better option in many cases.

Unless you are a frequent visitor to a Walmart store, a Walmart credit card would be of limited use and may cause unnecessary financial pressure. On the other hand, this card can be a great asset for those who like to shop online or at a physical store owned by Walmart and its associated brands. The MasterCard version can be a little better option for those falling in the first category.

What is special about a store credit card?

A store credit card can offer rewarding points or cash back on every purchase you make at a participating store. Taking the example of Walmart, you can earn up to $5 for every $500 you spend besides availing the $25 introductory offer.

The card, which comes with no annual fee and fraud protection features, can allow you to earn discounts on gas, avail special financing offers, and obtain free FICO credit score every month. Please note that some benefits are offered exclusively to those who have enrolled for online login and access to their accounts.

How to apply for a Walmart credit card?

Like most store credit cards, Walmart credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank, which is the bank you need to contact for any issues related with credit card application and payment. To apply online, you need to fill out a form, providing details of your name, address, date of birth and other information.

You need to create a new account and obtain your login details to apply online. Moreover, you are also required to select the card you are interested in. By default, you will be considered for the MasterCard version if you can qualify for the same.

You can also apply at a Walmart store or a jewelry kiosk and receive a temporary pass for 24 hours for immediate shopping. To check your credit card application status, you can either call 1-877-969-3668 or log in to your account online. An approved credit card usually takes a week to arrive in mail.

How to pay for Walmart credit card?

You can easily pay your credit card bill online by signing into your Walmart credit card account. First time users need to register for the service and obtain bill pay login details. An online user can set up e-Payment by providing his or her bank name, checking account number and bank routing number. It is always a good idea to pay in full and avoid accrual on interests on your balance.

Other payment options include phone, mail and in-store payments. To pay by phone, which may not be free, you can call 1-877-294-7880 for Walmart Credit Card and 1-866-611-1148 for Walmart MasterCard. You may find it convenient to pay in-store if you have a Walmart store or a Sam’s Club location in your neighborhood. Use the following mailing addresses though for payment by mail.

Walmart Credit Card Payment Online

August 20, 2009 • Online Credit Cards • by EconomyWatch

Online payments of your Walmart credit card are subject to the GEMB (General Electric Money Bank) policy. This policy outlines GE’s efforts to maintain utmost safety of cardholders’ personal information. It maintains electronic, procedural and physical safeguards to ensure that your nonpublic information is accessible only to the relevant parties. The policy also states that the company will not disclose such information even after you have closed an account and/or surrendered the card.

Walmart Credit Card Payment Online: Procedure

Wal-Mart’s online account not only enables you to make payments on your credit card, it also facilitates viewing bill statements (current and historical) and scheduling future payments. The steps involved in logging into the Walmart online account are:

Log on to, go on the ‘financial services’ section and click on the ‘Access Your Account’ link. This can be found in the ‘Credit Cards’ segment on the bottom-left of the screen.

You will be directed to the ‘Wal-Mart Credit Card Online Account Services’ page.

Ensure that you are on the right page. For this, locate the ‘Wal-Mart Financial Services’ logo on the top-left corner of the screen.

Scroll down to the ‘Pay Online’ link. Click on ‘e-Bill/Bill Payment New!’ which can be found under the ‘update your information’ section. Once you are directed to the new page, click on ‘Continue.

Sign in with your user ID. If you are a new user, register by completing the field labeled ‘Personal Information.’ You will be required to furnish the following details:

  • Email address, which will be your login ID.
  • Password, between six to eight characters and having both alphabets and text.
  • ZIP code.

Select a secret question from the scroll down menu and furnish an answer to your chosen question. This question will again be presented to you if you are unable to remember your password. By answering the question you will be able to access your account.

Finally, review the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on ‘Agree.9rsquo; Your user ID will now be active and you can proceed with the online payment of your Wal-Mart credit card. For this, go back to the ‘Financial Services’ page and enter your ID and password in the "Card Member Log In" segment, on the left side of the screen.

Walmart pay credit card online

Walmart Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Cardholders of the Walmart Credit Card are able to manage their credit card accounts online with ease. By simply accessing their online account users will be provided with all the tools needed to pay bills online, review monthly statement history, update contact information, and improve their security settings. Individuals who have newly received a Walmart Credit Card will find helpful information pertaining to logging in, registering for online banking and activating a new card by simply scrolling down.

Before continuing on take a moment to read Walmart’s online privacy policy as it explains exactly how your valuable personal information may be used and protected throughout the login and activation processes.

In order to login to your Walmart Credit Card account, you must first access the login homepage, pictured below. Enter your User ID in the box underneath User ID. For easier access on return visits, click on the box next to Remember Me.

You will enter your password on the following page. After logging in, you will be able to pay your bill online, view your electronic statement, and set up account alerts.

If you have forgotten or misplaced your User ID or password you can retrieve it by first clicking the Look up your User ID on the main login page. You will then be required to enter your account number and the last 4 digits of your social security number before clicking the Next button to begin the retrieval process.

You have two options when it comes to activating your Walmart Credit Card and registering for an online account: you can either call the activation number provided above or complete the process online. In order to activate your newly received Walmart Credit Card online, first go to the secure activation page by clicking the Secure registration link provided above. If you already manage any Walmart finances online, enter your User ID on the left side of the page beside the orange Login button. If you don’t already have a User ID, which will assume you do not, click on the orange Register and Activate button on the right.

On the next page enter your account number in the space provided. Please note that in order to activate the card, you must be the primary account holder and have the Walmart Credit Card in your possession. After entering your account number, click the orange Next button to proceed with the activation process.

You will then need to validate your status as the main cardholder, select your security preferences, and select a security image before the activation process can be completed. For those that had previously been without an online account, you have now finished the process for both activating your Walmart Credit Card as well as setting up an online account from which you can manage your Walmart Credit Card in its entirety.

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