Zwicker and associates american express settlement


Zwicker and associates american express settlement

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Chesapeake Energy Corp. withdrew its claim for more than $455 million against the estate of late Oklahoma City energy magnate Aubrey McClendon as part of a settlement of a lawsuit that alleged McClendon had stolen trade secrets when he left Chesapeake in 2013.

Under the deal, Chesapeake stopped its effort to collect undisclosed compensation and benefits previously paid to McClendon and agreed to pay $3.5 million for legal fees and other services. His estate waived any claim to unpaid compensation and rights to benefits that include stock and use of a corporate jet.

An Oklahoma City probate judge signed off the deal Thursday.

He died in a 2016 vehicle crash after a federal grand jury indicted him for allegedly conspiring to rig bids to buy oil and natural gas leases.

Several other claims remain against McClendon’s estate. Here’s a look at his estate and issues surrounding it:

The agreement settled Chesapeake’s 2015 lawsuit against McClendon, who left the company he founded over differences with a new board of directors.

The lawsuit alleged he used stolen trade secrets to benefit a new company he formed, American Energy Partners LP.

During a less than 15-minute hearing, an attorney for the estate, Amy Sine, outlined the agreement. Chesapeake attorney Murray Abowitz expressed his support.

“I have read the order and I endorse it,” Abowitz said.

Both Sine and Abowitz later declined comment on the case.

Numerous claims against the estate remain. The largest is a $464.3 million claim by Williams Trust, National Association, for loans secured by McClendon. Court documents show an undisclosed amount of the trust’s claim was rejected by the executor of McClendon’s estate, Tom Blalock, in August.


Laura Zwicker, an estate-planning attorney and partner at Greenberg Glusker in Los Angeles, who is not associated with any of the claims against the estate but has followed the matter, said McClendon was once estimated to have a net worth of more than $1 billion. But claims by creditors may wipe that out, Zwicker said.

“His obligations may be over a billion (dollars), so his net worth may be close to zero,” Zwicker said.

Many of the details of the claims are not known, either filed under seal or redacted from court filings.

McClendon owned about 20 percent of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, an asset creditors have said may be among his most valuable. His share would be worth about $200 million, based on a Forbes estimate in February that the team is worth $1.025 billion.

Creditors, including Wilmington Trust, expressed concern during a May 2016 hearing that McClendon’s ownership stake could be sold to a family member at less than market value, according to a court transcript obtained by The Oklahoman.

Estate attorney Martin Stringer said then that the Thunder interest was not for sale.

An attorney for McClendon’s widow and adult children did not return a call seeking comment.

McClendon used his stake in the Thunder to secure a loan from Oaktree Capital Management, which filed a claim for $87 million. Oaktree laid claim to the Thunder ownership until the sale of certain oil and gas leases satisfied the claim.

McClendon was known as a generous supporter of various charitable organizations and many of their claims have been rejected, including the Boy Scouts of America and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.

The Boy Scouts said it would not pursue its claim while the Reagan Foundation remains a party to the probate case.

Also, Duke University filed a claim in August for $9.9 million McClendon had pledged to various projects at his alma mater, but then withdrew it.

“Charities sort of need to rely on the pledges their donors make. On the other hand, when charities go into court when someone dies to enforce a pledge … people view it more negatively than Oaktree coming in and saying we loaned money to you and we want our money back,” Zwicker said.

McClendon, 56, crashed into a concrete bridge embankment at nearly 89 mph in March 2016, a day after being indicted by a grand jury.

Investigators found that McClendon drove straight into a wall without correcting, but there was no conclusive evidence that he intentionally drove into the wall, according to Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama. McClendon left nothing behind that could be construed as a suicide note, Balderrama said.

The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times.

Zwicker and associates student loan debt

The Langel firm will defend consumers against New York state court collection lawsuits brought by PYOD, LLC. In appropriate cases, we may investigate claims against PYOD, LLC for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other applicable laws.

As of July 2013, PYOD, LLC has filed at least 115 cases in Kings County alone. PYOD, LLC is mainly represented by Forster & Garbus, LLP, and Mel S. Harris & Associates, LLC.

PYD, LLC purchases defaulted consumer debt to collect and sue on them.

PYOD, LLC is a foreign limited liability company incorporated in Delaware and is principally located at 625 Pilot Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119. PYOD, LLC is licensed (#1326537) by the Department of Consumer Affairs to collect debts in the City of New York.

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If youve been sued by PYOD LLC contact our New York debt collection defense firm for help as soon as possible We will fight to protect your rights.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 2015 Year in Review Consumers complained about 716 different debt collectors to the CFPB Approximately.

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American Express Discount Rate & Merchant Account

In the past, American Express was the most expensive credit card to accept; a reputation that it hasn't shaken despite introducing a new pricing structure to bring costs more in line with other card brands. There's a lot of confusion of American Express discount rates, pricing models, and settlement. We'll untangle it in this article.

For the most up-to-date American Express pricing, use CardFellow's quote comparison tool.

Amex technically has three pricing models: ESA, One Point, and OptBlue. OptBlue is the newest, and the most similar to the other card brands' models.

ESA is American Express' direct processing program, meaning a business will have an account directly with American Express, and Amex will settle the transactions. Businesses that process $1 million or more per year with American Express must have a direct account - you can't go through your processor once you're at that volume.

One Point (also referred to as American Express Full Service by First Data) is a program offered by American Express that makes it possible for participating processor to streamline the authorization, settlement and reporting of American Express processing volume. The main advantages to American Express One Point are faster settlement of American Express transactions and reporting that is easier to reconcile.

American Express' OptBlue program will replace the company's One Point pricing for most businesses. OptBlue allows processors to add a markup to Amex's base rates, which creates different rates for American Express among processors.

For the purposes of understanding American Express costs, the link below will provide more extensive detail on the OptBlue program, while this article will provide information about ESA, One Point, and American Express' network and structure in general. The information relevant to you will depend on which pricing model your processor uses.

Related Article: American Express OptBlue.

American Express operates on a closed loop network. This means that American Express issues credit cards directly to its cardholders, and opens merchant accounts directly for business that accept its cards.

The closed loop network of American Express gives the company a competitive advantage over open loop networks like Visa and MasterCard.

Unlike American Express, Visa and MasterCard do not issue or acquire credit cards. Instead, these companies maintain an open network that allows various issuing and acquiring banks to communicate in order to facilitate the credit card processing system.

It's easiest to think of American Express's closed loop network as a dictatorship, and the open loop network of Visa and MasterCard as a democracy.

Since American Express does not have to answer to any other financial institution for issuing or acquiring, the company is free to set its discount rates at whatever level the market will bear. This is why businesses pay significantly more to process American Express credit cards than they do to process MasterCard or Visa credit card transactions.

On One Point, American Express sets its own discount rates which are exactly the same for all credit card processors. However, this may be different for OptBlue, and it's important to know which pricing model your processor uses.

American Express discount rates are based largely on a business's merchant category code (MCC). Unlike Visa and MasterCard interchange fees, American Express discount rates have relatively few qualification factors.

American Express discount rates for retail stores and restaurants will downgrade (meaning the rate increases) if a transaction is keyed-in rather than swiping a card, but most rates are the same regardless of transaction method.

American Express does not charge a credit card transaction fee and a discount rate for every industry category. Many rates consist of a percentage-base charge (discount rate) without a transaction fee (flat dollar amount, i.e. $0.10).

However, virtually all credit card processing services will charge a fee to process American Express transactions through their network. So, even if American Express does not charge a transaction fee directly, a business will inevitably have to pay a transaction fee to its credit card processor for processing American Express transactions.

The following table outlines basic American Express discount rates on the One Point model. Keep in mind that discount rates are subject to change, and that OptBlue rates will not be the same.

Hello, Ive been sued by Zwicker and Associates for a discover

I've been sued by Zwicker.

I've been sued by Zwicker and Associates for a discover card I didn't pay. The debt is mine, but I didn't have the money to settle until now. I don't know whether I should contact a lawyer to negotiate with Zwicker or call Zwicker directly. I've been advised to ask them for a stipulation of judgement so i can either pay them off completely or do monthly payments.

I am supposed to go to court on September 17th - but i want to settle this before then.

Hello - I owe $5200

Sorry - the exact amount owed is $4299.00. (i was reading the wrong amount).

I can pay $3500.00.

not married, i don't own any real estate - i have one other debt that I pay a monthly payment on (Citicard originally, now CACH owns the debt, I pay $200 a month for a $8k debt). I would prefer not to go to bankruptcy as I do owe this money and want to make it right - So i want to settle with Zwicker and then save again to settle with CACH if possible.

So, what is the process of me calling Zwicker? Do I need to say anything specific? Initially, legal aide answered the summons for me saying we neither denied or confirmed it was my debt (she said to buy time).

Usually Discover's attorney can accept up to 50% of the outstanding debt without asking them for their consent.

So, I would start with that - that you are going to get a loan from your parents or family member to pay off this loan.

If they won't accept that, which is doubtful because they usually will, then ask for a payment plan as previously suggested to you with a stipulation of judgment.

Then state if over the $3,500, that is the most you can borrow from your family member - they should then agree to that amount.

Rating REQUIRED: Please don't forget to rate my answer 3 or higher so that I receive credit for assisting you today. Need more help? Reply below with more questions.

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How to settle on an American express card with Zwicker and Associates

I've settled my Chase and Advanta Cards at 35% after only three - four months on non-payment. My american express went to Zwicker and associates - I have been negotiating with them - but can't get them past 55% and now they tell me they are filing suit - last missed payment was Nov 08 - and it's march 09. Are they lying to me? I know it's illegal - but what does everything think? Also has anyone settled for less than 55% with them - I hate to pay them that much when everyone else got 35% and were actually not bad to work with.

American ExpressВ® Travellers Cheques

Everything you need to know about your Cheques

Get help with your Travellers Cheques and find answers to common questions about them. Choose a tab below.

Your Cheques are welcomed at thousands of locations worldwide.

Following are the terms and conditions for obtaining a refund for lost or stolen Travellers Cheques.

Please read this agreement carefully. The applicable law is the law of the country of the Travellers Cheque Issuer.

English is the legally valid and applicable text.

By buying, signing, accepting and/or using the American Express® Travellers Cheques (‘Travellers Cheques’), you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Travellers Cheques are issued by American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., a company incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, USA (“American Express”). On 5 April 2010, American Express became the issuer of all Pound Sterling-denominated Travellers Cheques sold after that date in place of its subsidiary Travellers Cheque Associates Limited, an England and Wales corporation (“TCAL”). If you have purchased a Pound Sterling-denominated Travellers Cheque on or after such date, American Express will be the issuer for all relevant purposes even if the name of TCAL appears on the Travellers Cheque.


American Express’ obligation to refund lost or stolen Travellers Cheques is NOT UNCONDITIONAL. American Express may, directly or through its servicing agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and representatives, replace or refund the face value of any lost or stolen Travellers Cheques in accordance with applicable law and only if you meet all of the requirements below and American Express is satisfied about the authenticity of your claim:

  • You must have signed the Travellers Cheques in permanent ink on the space indicated.
  • You must have not countersigned the Travellers Cheques (second signature).
  • You must have not given the Travellers Cheques voluntarily to another person or company to hold or keep, or as part of a fraudulent scheme (and in particular, you have not placed your Travellers Cheques into luggage which you have subsequently entrusted to a travel provider e.g. taxi, airline, coach or ferry).
  • You must have not used the Travellers Cheques in violation of any law, including as part of an illegal bet, game of chance, or other prohibited or illegal activity.
  • Your Travellers Cheques have not been taken by court order or by government action or confiscated by the customs or similar authorities in any country.
  • You must have safeguarded the Travellers Cheques as a prudent person would safeguard a olke amount of cash and have not placed them at unnecessary risk.
  • You must promptly notify American Express of the loss or theft of the Travellers Cheques.
  • You must have promptly reported all facts of the loss or theft to the poolce or relevant government agency.
  • You must promptly provide American Express all the serial numbers of the lost or stolen Travellers Cheques and the place and date of their purchase.
  • You must promptly complete the refund forms provided by American Express and provide American Express with acceptable proof of your identity.
  • You must provide American Express all reasonable information and support requested to make a complete investigation of the loss or theft.

You understand that American Express cannot stop payment on any Travellers Cheques. You may not resell, consign, or take any similar action to transfer Travellers Cheques to any other individual, company, or entity for resale or reuse. You must comply with all applicable laws (including, without limitation, currency control rules and relevant export/import regulations) when using the Travellers Cheques, moving Travellers Cheques from one country to another or receiving a refund for lost or stolen Travellers Cheques. It is your responsibility to get acquainted with such laws and regulations that may be applicable to your use of Travellers Cheques, including receiving a refund for lost or stolen Travellers Cheques. In particular, should you receive a refund for lost or stolen Travellers Cheques in a country other than the country where you purchased the Travellers Cheques, it is your sole responsibility to report or declare this to the relevant state or governmental authorities where it is required by any applicable law in such country.

American Express reserves the right to take all necessary steps to satisfy itself about the authenticity of a refund claim, including investigating the reported events surrounding the loss or theft and verify compliance with the conditions in Section II, and is not responsible for any delays or financial loss resulting from such investigation.

American Express further reserves its rights to seek any available legal remedy, including pursuing criminal measures, against individuals attempting fraudulent claims.

You understand that American Express may need to have access to your personal information to provide you Travellers Cheque related services (for instance, to process or investigate a claim for refund) and/or to otherwise comply with applicable law. You authorize us to request institutions from which you purchased your Travellers Cheques any and all relevant information necessary for American Express to comply with applicable law and/or to provide you Travellers Cheque related services. Information will be maintained and processed by American Express in the USA and other countries where data privacy requirements may be more or less comprehensive and you consent to this.

For quality assurance and training purposes your telephone calls to American Express may be monitored or recorded and you consent to such monitoring and recording.

American Express Travellers Cheques never expire. You are responsible for complying with any applicable exchange control regulations.

The street markets of Bangkok are a treasure for the senses. With American Express Travellers Cheques in your pocket, you can lose yourself in the exotic sights, smells, textures and tastes.That’s because if your Cheques are lost or stolen, they can be refunded.*

You can also look forward to many more benefits in thousands of locations worldwide.

Travel with confidence… And remain in budget.

Travellers Cheques aren’t just safer than cash. They enable you to budget, track and control your travel expenses easily. Commission charges may apply and vary by country and exchange partner.

You can buy Cheques in six major currencies: US Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Japanese Yen. And because the rate is fixed once you buy the Cheques, you’re protected from fluctuating exchange rates.

*Terms & Conditions and restrictions apply. Identification and proof of purchase required.

Enjoy a richer travel experience.

Travelling to the States? Why worry about rollercoaster exchange rates when you can watch San Francisco’s cable cars go up and down instead? Simply buy Cheques in American Dollars* and you can enjoy a fixed rate for the rest of your holiday.**

Seven major currencies mean a world of choice.

Here are the currencies and denominations you can choose from:

* While you can get dollar for dollar exchanges with no charges in the US, merchants in other countries may not change your Cheques for cash in the same currency without charging a fee.

** Please remember to ask the merchant if they do accept Travellers Cheques as American Express cannot guarantee that all merchants in the USA accept Travellers Cheques as a form of payment.

Relax. You’re on holiday, remember?

You’ve just reached the top of Sugarloaf mountain and your Cheques are gone. Don’t worry. Simply call us, day or night, and we can refund the value of your Cheques*. So you can enjoy the mountain and leave the molehill to us.

Cheques lost or stolen? Here’s what to do.

1. Have your serial numbers at hand

You’ll need to have the serial numbers of your Travellers Cheques when you call us. We always recommend that you keep your original purchase receipt recording your serial numbers with you when you travel. But remember to keep it separate from your Cheques at all times.

You’ll need to notify American Express about the loss or theft of your Travellers Cheques as soon as possible. To find the correct number to call from where you are, simply use the search tool on the right. The phone number to call from the UK is 0800 587 6023. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Collect your refund

You can pick up your refund at any American Express Travel Services Office and thousands of partner locations worldwide. Just tell us what suits you.

4. Or fax us (from the U.K. only)

If you are in the U.K., you can instead fax your refund claim to 0808 234 1447 or simply download the form here. Your refund, once approved, will be sent in the form of a company cheque to your home. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the Cheque to arrive. All refunds are subject to compliance with terms and conditions.

Find Service Centre Phone Numbers

Call us as soon as possible if your Cheques are lost or stolen. Where are you now?

  • Location: Change Me
  • Toll Free: Change Me
  • Collect: Change Me
  • Direct Dial Change Me

If you prefer, download, complete, and fax to 0808 234 1447 (available from the U.K. only).

Everything you need to know about

American Express Travellers Cheques.

Why should I take Travellers Cheques on my next trip?

American Express Travellers Cheques are recognised around the world. They are safer than cash, and if lost or stolen can be replaced worldwide.Travellers Cheques also enable you to budget, track and control your travel expenses easily.

What types of Travellers Cheques are available?

American Express offers Pound Sterling and a variety of foreign currency Travellers Cheques to help with your travel needs.

How do I purchase Travellers Cheques?

Travellers Cheques can be purchased at distributing banks, building societies, travel agents, foreign exchange bureaux, and at any American Express Travel Service location.

Is there a fee to purchase Travellers Cheques?

Fees vary from establishment to establishment. Some may charge a nominal fee, while others offer Travellers Cheques fee free as a service to their customers.

Where can I use my American Express Card to purchase Travellers Cheques?

At this time, it is not possible to purchase Travellers Cheques with your American Express Card.

Travellers Cheques do not expire. Unused Cheques can be kept as a safe reserve or saved for future trips.

Can I accept Travellers Cheques from another person?

Yes, you can accept Cheques from another individual. You must watch the person countersign the Cheque in the lower left-hand corner and compare it with the original signature. If the Travellers Cheque has already been signed in both the upper and lower corners, or if you have any questions about the validity of a Cheque, call an American Express Travellers Cheque Customer Service Centre. After accepting a Travellers Cheque from another individual, you may only deposit it in your own bank account.

How do I cash Travellers Cheques?

Simply present the Cheque at the exchange or merchant location. Make sure the acceptor watches while you countersign the Cheque in the lower left-hand corner. Photo identification may be required. We strongly recommended you retain and carry your original purchase receipt with you when you travel. Commission charges may apply and can vary by country or exchange partner. Exchange limits may apply due to local regulations and exchange policies.

Where can I use Travellers Cheques?

American Express Travellers Cheques are recognized around the world. There are thousands of banks and foreign exchange locations in countries around the world where you can exchange your Travellers Cheques. They can be exchanged for local currency at banks, currency exchanges, and American Express Travel Service locations. You can use your Travellers Cheques like cash to pay directly for products and services at accepting retailers, restaurants and hotels.

For more information on using your Cheques, including exchange locations, please visit Where to Use Your Cheques.

Where do I sign Travellers Cheques?

Upon purchase, Travellers Cheques must be signed in the upper left-hand corner in order to be refundable if lost or stolen. When the Cheques are cashed, make sure the acceptor watches while you countersign the Cheque in the lower left-hand corner.

What happens if I sign the Cheque in the wrong place, or my signatures don't match?

Acceptance of Travellers Cheques is based on the acceptor watching the customer sign the Cheque in the lower left-hand corner, and then comparing that signature with the original signature in the upper left-hand corner (the lower left signature on a Cheques for Two must match one of the two signatures in the upper left). The acceptor must observe the customer signing the Cheque. If the signatures are a reasonable match, the Cheque should be accepted. As always, if the acceptor is unsure, they should call an American Express Travellers Cheque Customer Service Centre.

When do I fill out the date on my Travellers Cheque?

The date, in the upper right-hand corner, should be filled out upon use, just like a personal cheque.

Is there a fee to exchange Travellers Cheques?

Commission fees and charges may apply and vary by country or exchange partner. For information on where to use your Travellers Cheques, visit For more information on using your Cheques, including exchange locations, please visit Where to Use Your Cheques.

When paying for goods or services at accepting retailers and if I don't use the full face value of the Travellers Cheque, will I get change back?

Yes, you will get change back, just like cash.

What happens if my Travellers Cheques are lost or stolen?

If your Travellers Cheques are lost or stolen, contact an American Express Travellers Cheque Customer Service Centre immediately. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions for replacing your Cheques.

Remember to keep a record of all the Travellers Cheques serial numbers in a safe location separate from your Cheques.

What should be done with a deceased person's unused Travellers Cheques?

The estate executor should take the Travellers Cheques, and the estate papers to the bank where the estate account is located, for deposit to the account.

The next of kin or beneficiary should take the Travellers Cheques and the death certificate to their bank and instruct the bank to call an American Express Travellers Cheque Customer Service Centre for further instructions. The beneficiary can call the Customer Service Centre for advice.

As another option, the Cheques (marked void) may be sent to American Express along with a copy of the Death Certificate, Estate Papers or other applicable legal papers. Processing fees may apply.

Salt Lake City, UT 84184-0407

Attn: Redemption Dept

Please keep copies of all correspondence and the Cheque numbers for your records.

How do I contact an American Express Travellers Cheques Customer Service Centre?

For your convenience, American Express Travellers Cheques Customer Service Centres are available around the world. To find a Customer Service Centre, visit our Customer Service Centre listing.

  • 1. Sign Sign your name in the upper left corner immediately upon purchase.
  • 2. Record Make a note of each Cheque's serial number. Take them with you – but keep them separate from your Cheques.
  • 3. Protect Safeguard your Travellers Cheques at all times.
  • 4. Use To pay for anything or exchange your Cheques, sign in the lower left-hand corner in front of the cashier.

* Replacement Assistance Service available to American Express Travellers Cheque purchasers. Proof of purchase may be required before services are provided. Credit/Debit Card Cancellation Service applies to American Express Cards and major bank-issued credit/debit cards only. Other types of cards such as retail store, petrol , loyalty cards and frequent flier cards are not eligible for the cancellation service. Replacement of credit/debit cards is at the discretion of the financial institution and most credit/debit card issuers will send replacement cards only to the billing address.

All American Express Travellers Cheques are issued by American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., a New York corporation. For any information please contact: American Express Services Europe Limited. Registered Office: Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9AX, United Kingdom. Registered in England and Wales with Number 1833139.

Fight back with help from a New York City debt relief attorney.

Lebedin Kofman LLP is a well-regarded law firm based out of New York City. Our primary practice is centered around providing legal representation and hard-hitting lawsuit defense strategies to clients who have found themselves being harassed or sued by unrelenting debt collection law firms like Zwicker & Associates, P.C. If you have received a letter from Zwicker & Associates, P.C., you may be wondering about your legal options. In most cases, these types of letters are generated when a large credit card company such as Discover, American Express or Chase has turned over a consumer's account to collections or sold it to a debt buyer to pursue payment. Any individual who receives a letter from Zwicker & Associates, P.C. is urged to take the matter very seriously and immediately move to secure legal representation from a New York City debt relief attorney who you can trust to aggressively advocate on your behalf. Our firm has helped countless individuals successfully resolve their debt-related problems and we are devoted to giving each of our clients the legal advantage they need when faced with this type of circumstance.

How to deal with Debt Collection Law Firms like Zwicker & Associates

Zwicker & Associates, P.C. is a debt collection and litigation law firm based out of Andover, MA. Over the years this particular law firm has been tied to numerous complaints of unethical conduct and violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Within the last 3 years there have been 83 complaints filed against Zwicker & Associates, P.C. and 5 out of 5 customer reviews report having had a negative experience with the firm. The majority of these complaints involve billing and collection issues.

In April 2013, a jury awarded $1 million dollars to a former employee of Zwicker & Associates' Kentucky-based call center for civil rights violation. Reports allege that law firm representatives made numerous attempts to get their former employee to recant his statements and testify in favor of the company. The jury did not look kindly on the civil rights violations, lack of credible witnesses on the firm's behalf, wrongful termination and thus felt the verdict which included $300,000 in lost wages, $100,000 for emotional distress and $600,000 in punitive damages was just. In another case against Zwicker & Associates, P.C., the plaintiff claimed the firm had committed a number of violations of the FDCPA. The judge awarded $750 to the plaintiff for statutory damages.

If you have received a collection letter or you have been contacted by Zwicker & Associates, P.C., it is vital that you act quickly to avoid having a default judgment filed against you. Our lawyers have the expertise to provide you with sound default judgment help and assist you in coming to a successful resolution to your looming debt and credit issues. Even if you feel that you are being treated unfairly by a debt collection law firm, let us investigate the matter on your behalf. We are here to provide you with the legal protection and guidance you urgently need. Call a New York City debt relief lawyer today!

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Zwicker and associates american express settlement

Settlement with Zwicker and Associates - American Express & 3 Other Accounts

This client was in a mixed situation. They had 3 accounts that were still with the original creditors and 1 account with a collection attorney. I was able to negotiate settlements on the 3 accounts that were still with the original creditors before charge-off and I settled all of their enrolled accounts within 4 months of being hired.

  • Settled all 4 accounts for $16,290.84
  • Took 120 days
  • Reduced debt by $14,528.69
  • Including my fee, this client spent a total of $18,470.14 to resolve $30,819.53
  • Including my fee, 59.93% of what was owed
  • Client acquired the funds to settle via a loan from a family member

*The demonstrated fee calculation is based on 15% of savings

View the settlement letters below

They’re ordered by the date the settlement was reached

Please understand that these success stories are not published for the purpose of creating expectations of similar settlement percentages. The amount I am able to settle accounts for varies from client to client and is dependent on a host of factors. The purpose of my success stories is so you may view my service in action and get a better understanding of how my service works. If you’re interested in finding out what I may be able to settle your debts for please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

The percentages saved are on the balance at the time of settlement. These examples of past performance are not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results.

Zwicker and Associates Sued Me Over an American Express Debt. – Dan

Sued and judgement obtained by Zwicker and Associates over an overdue American express account. They have placed a judgement on my residence and have scheduled a court appearance for me to do interrogatories on Feb. 1st 2010 (They originally had a date in November but I could not appear). If I do not appear on Feb 1st the court could issue an arrest warrant.

I would like to work this out with them through a settlement as I have done with other card companies (I was out of work for 4 years after heart surgery, pace maker), but honestly after reading about Zwicker and Associates reputation I am afraid to contact them. Amount of debt is $13,000 which includes attorney fees, interest and other charges. My residence is in Virginia, but have recently been able to find employment in South Carolina.

What can or should I do about the interrogatory proceedings? I am afraid that once they have knowledge of my place of employment they will place a garnishee on my wages. I know it is illegal to release someone because of a garnishment, but the owner I work for would find another reason. Not only that I am finally getting a few things caught up and paid, if they take the legal overage it would devistate me again financially (income is in excess of $100,000).

I am aware South Carolina has a 100% protection against your wages for garnishment, but that is only for residents which I am not (I stay in South Carolina and drive home weekends). What can I do to get these people to work with me to settle this debt and not obtain a garnishment? Thank you for any help you might provide.

This is a situation in which you should not seek advice from just some internet site, you need specific legal advice to answer your questions and help you with this situation. An attorney will probably be a couple of hundred bucks but getting this wrong could be thousands and thousands.

Find a local attorney that can help you ASAP.

Big Hug!

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